Startup Visa in Fukuoka

As one of the nation’s National Strategic Special Zone, Fukuoka City has been granted the permission to offer what is known as “Startup Visa (Entrepreneurial Incentives for Foreigners)” to foreigners who found their businesses in Fukuoka.

In general, foreigners intending to start a business in Japan are required to first apply for a temporary management visa which grants them 4 months’ stay in the country. However, as banks and offices do not entertain people with such short-term visas, they will need partners who have long-term visas here in order to open bank accounts and rent office spaces. They would also have to hire two or more permanent employees or have capital/investments exceeding five million yen upon submitting their application to the Immigration Bureau before they are awarded the full management visa.

The startup visa, however, grants an initial 6-month management visa as long as you submit a New Business Implementation Plan to Fukuoka City and it gets approved. Fukuoka is a great place to be in, especially if you’re in your twenties. If you’re interested, do go check it out.

For more information, please visit here.

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