Japanese Creativity and the Unsolvable Quiz

When I first caught Japanese quizzes on non-quiz TV programs, I was so taken aback by the outrageousness of the questions, I thought they were lame to begin with. These questions are so open-ended, you’d think it’s impossible to answer.

An example of such a question is:

Last week, the shop owner was met with a huge disappointment. What was it?

Another example is:

When I was little, my dad did something that made me embarrassed about going to school. What was it?

It could be a plethora of things. Basically anything under the sun can be the answer and if it were me, I wouldn’t even attempt to guess. But the Japanese people are not to be belittled. Their creativity and train of thought more often than not, always manages to surprise me with the correct answers.

Perhaps such a culture is the secret to their meticulousness and creativity.

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