So many things to say after not having written the pass three (?) days. It felt longer though but I’ve finally gotten my blog up on the new server and it should serve me well.

Allow me to digress a little: I’m currently using Singapore Host, which I’ve actually used some many years ago for a social enterprise to help children who come from middle-low income families before I moved to Japan. I’m not sure if I’ve shared the story to why I started that, but anyhow, that’s not the main point of this post. I actually used Singapore Host for some many years before switching to GoDaddy. Well, I didn’t exactly switch since it was for a different domain and purpose.

Singapore Host had been very reliable as far as I’ve experienced. Throughout my at least 4-5 years on their server, I’ve never experienced any down time. At least not as bad as my experience with GoDaddy this past year. The reason I decided to give GoDaddy a try was because I wanted to try using Managed WordPress Hosting and also it was really cheap for new users. But they’ve disappointed me many times within 1 year.

After a year, renewal fees got really expensive, reliability was low, and that it’s based in the US when most of my readers are from Singapore and Japan gives me less reason to stay with them.

Moving servers was a hassle because GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting inserted random numbers in standard WordPress database tables. So when I decided to install a clean WordPress frontend and import the data from my old server, there were several items missing. It took me a while to realise I had duplicate tables in the database: one from the clean install and one from the former GoDaddy database. So if you have trouble with moving yours, do check the database table names as well as the user meta table’s capability and roles field to make sure the gibberish GoDaddy inserted is promptly removed.

Last, after I did an export on my previous server, L left a comment which I saw but then I couldn’t re-export again because I had already changed the nameserver and during propagation, I wasn’t able to re-establish connection. In any case, I probably will write about the date some time soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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