How Time Flies. I Literally Mean “How?”

2017 seems to have flown past in a flash. I don’t even remember much of what happened this year. As we grow older, time seems to go past quicker. I used to think it’s because when we’re working and occupied at work, that’s why time seem to go by faster. At work, we have daily goals, monthly goals, or quarterly goals unlike at school where the goal is the end-of-year examinations. When you start a day looking at the end of the year, I suppose it will appear to go by slower.

But some many months ago, Ms. D offered a different perspective. She explained that for children, each year is a big portion of their lives, that’s why it seems longer to them than for an adult. For a 2-year-old child, a year is half their life, but for a 30-year-old person, a year is merely 1/30 of their life. That is why our one year (3%) feels shorter than a child’s (50%).

Sounds like a possible reason.


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