Dirty Shoes

It’s been some months since I started mentioning a certain Ms. D in my posts now and then, and some of you have asked me who she is.

No, that’s a lie. Nobody asked. Hello people, show some interest, please? XD

In case you’re wondering, the letter “D” is not her family name nor her given name. D is for Dirty Shoes, because before we even met, I once chanced upon an Instagram-worthy photo of her in a white pair of shoes that were so dirty, it scarred me for life O_O!

D first learned about me some many years ago because of this blog. We first exchanged messages through comments a few years back, but I never really took notice of her since she was just another anonymous persona on the other end of the computer. Even when I was contemplating a potential move to Korea and she threatened to boycott this blog, my first thought was just, “siao cha bor.” But when she indicated for the second time that she would boycott me, I still thought “siao cha bor” but I sat up and took notice. In my mind, I kept thinking, “who is this girl who keeps saying she wants to boycott me just because I might move to Korea?”

We continued to exchange comments very sporadically for some time and I began to notice that she has become one of my regular readers, occasionally leaving comments. One fine day, I noticed a URL under her name in the comments and realised she also started writing a blog. As I read, I became very intrigued by the way she thinks and writes and could tell that she’s a very intelligent individual. Gradually, I became one of her regular readers and also began to leave comments on some of her posts.

One fateful day, when I posted about Onmyoji, a mobile game I was hooked onto for a while, D commented that she’s been playing Lineage Revolution II and asked me to join her when it’s released in Japan. When it was finally released here, I downloaded the game and realised, of course, that the Japanese server is different from the Singapore server. But having no interest in playing a game I know nothing about, the only source of entertainment would be to play with someone I (barely) knew. So, instead of getting it through Google’s Play store, I downloaded the apk from a third-party app store to join D in the game. Interestingly though, we hardly played together since she had her own clan and was like a million levels higher than my level 0 character. But we talked a few times in-game, and once, while in the middle of chatting in the game, she had to leave to do something and left me her phone number and said I could text her on WhatsApp.

Come to think of it, that might’ve been her trick that I fell right into *gasp*

That was when I realised that I’ve never added anyone to WhatsApp before. Usually, I would give people my number for them to add me and then we can chat without me ever having to do anything. That’s why, if you look at my WhatsApp, you’ll find that nobody has a name. Everyone is identified by their phone numbers, so if they change their profile picture to something not showing their face, chance is, I’ll not know who they are. Sometimes, I can guess who that person is by opening up the chat window and reading our past exchanges. But once, I received a text I wasn’t sure was from my secondary school classmate or her husband I was talking to since they both use a picture of their family.

Anyhow, before I digress even further, I tried to figure out how to add people into WhatsApp and eventually succeeded. Since then, we began to talk every day and night. And if you remember the Hotel Escapade post, that was the very first time I videocalled D and that, somehow, also became the catalyst for our video calls every night.

Long story short, she has since become a significant other and has plans to move to Japan. This means, through her attempts to make her way here, she is going to have many interesting encounters and experiences, and helpful information to share on making your way here. Which is why I’ve invited her to write here as well.

I’m expecting her debut post to come up soon, and I find that information very useful (if she is writing what I think she is going to write). Anyhow, now that I’ve officially introduced Ms. D, she shall hereafter be referred to by her full name in all its glory—Dirty Shoes.


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