Dirty Shoes V1.2 by D

Hi, I’m D. I’m back again. Some of you have requested to know my version of how we got together so I’m gonna share with you Dirty Shoes V1.2 lol.

The initial part is as what GJH mentioned. I am just one of his readers and I visited his blog initially because I was curious about life in Japan from a Singaporean’s perspective. we only started being more active in our interactions when I started my own blog and the actual chatting began only after we started playing the same mobile game.

I still remember how he would comment on my blog posts with the silliest comment you can imagine. I wrote a long entry about something important and all he commented would be a random excerpt from my blog, like “LOL, “Ba Kwa Kiap Bread””.

So after he texted me on WhatsApp, the texting did not stop. We are both very chatty people and I would say we hit it off pretty well. Up until then, I had no idea how he looks like or how old he is, other than a rough estimate that he is probably in his 30s. I ever told him before, I have no idea how his readers figure out what his name is because I always thought his surname is Han, hence Gaijin Han. Anyway, when he video called me suddenly during his Korea trip, I really did not know what to expect. Perhaps it is due to the fact that it was in the middle of the night and I was already in bed, looking all crappy with messy hair and, erm, no make up, I was really more concerned with me looking less than appropriate more than anything else. It is also the first time I’m hearing his voice and his supposedly odd accent. So through that video call, I finally know how he looks like! Hahaa.

Miraculously, he turned out to be… my type. LOL *shy

I think as we were chatting with each other, plus the quick response time and high frequency of our messages, we quickly became good friends, the kind where you know if you were to meet in real life, you will have no issues hanging out with. And oh yes, that was why we were chatting as well, because even before we started texting each other, we had planned to meet during year end when I head down to Tokyo. I would not say that we were flirting but I’d say it is common sense that when two single people are chatting with each other at such high frequency, you can conclude that they are pretty interested in each other.

So came the times when GJH goes for dates with other girls. OH yea, not surprising, since he has written about them as well. Remember his unexpected dinner date and date with beautiful Ms USA who is apparently so beautiful her beauty is a curse? Well, we were already talking to each other at that time and I would cheer him on those dates. I mean, yes, I am interested in him, but I’d be happy for him if he actually meets someone, you know? I was not yet possessive in love back then, hahaa. He’d text me after the dates and share with me what happened and if I did not interpret it wrongly… it felt almost like an assurance that he does not like them.

So one day, he broke the ice and told me super super indirectly that he likes me.

I was very apprehensive about reciprocating my feelings for someone I have yet to meet, so I held back a bit for a while. I wanted to be sure only after we meet in person at year end. Eventually, we did meet. BUT! It was not in Tokyo, but in Singapore. Surprising right? Because we were supposed to meet in Tokyo when I go over and he is already in Tokyo.

So what happened?

Well, this GJH did the craziest thing. He actually flew down to Changi Airport on the same day that I was going to fly to Tokyo, just to surprise me and fly to Tokyo together with me. So he landed at 12am and flew back to Tokyo with me at 6am. It was crazy enough for the airline staff to confirm with him if his reservation is correct and not a mistake. Oh and this is also the trip that gave him the poor Delta experience. =x

Yah, this dude’s crazy. All my friends say so. I thought so too. But thanks to his craziness, it sealed my feelings for him because then I know he wasn’t kidding when he said he likes me. It is too expensive huge a stunt to pull just to trick somebody.

So we spent a night at the airport (at a cafe watching movie on his laptop, don’t think too much lol) and flew to Tokyo together and on the third day, we got together.

From then on, we have had a lot of happiness and also quarrels and we are still trying to figure things out as we go along. It is tough being in a LDR and it is also why I’m taking the necessary steps for our relationship. We go through rough patches and times come when we both feel like giving up but I feel that as time pass by, as the rough gets rougher, so does the will to hold on and to make things work grow stronger as well. I look at it like… leveling up your character in RPGs. Lol.

I just feel that being able to fall in love as I grow older is tough. To be in love with someone who loves me is even harder to come by. And I’m glad we are both so lucky and blessed.

And with this, I hope it is more detailed and enough for you readers. Hahaa.

Till then!



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