Utada Hikaru’s Rumored Extramarital Affair

On April 7, Nikkan Sports reported Utada Hikaru’s divorce with her Italian husband. Details are unknown at the moment and everyone is awaiting her official announcement, but at the same time, the media is not just reporting on her divorce but also about her current love interest, who has been identified online.

In February 2014, Utada suddenly announced her marriage to an Italian 8 years her junior and announced the birth of her son in July 2015 on her website.

A reporter shared that there has yet been any announcement of her divorce from her personally and the reports going around are at most rumors that started circulating among some publications since March. This means, there is actually no specific source to interview to find out more. The singer is based overseas now and even her current label, Sony Music, to which she got signed last year, has been unable to reach her. The only possible lead would be the promoters from Universal Music who worked with her before her move to Sony. However, it is hard to believe that they will respond to interviews on Utada’s private life.

Nevertheless, rumors are rife that Utada is very close with singer Obukuro Nariaki, for whom she is the producer.

Obukuro used to be a freelance music producer and when he collaborated with Utada’s album in 2016, the latter was said to be mesmerized by his vocals. Utada then approached him and produced Obukuro’s debut album Bunriha no Natsu. Regarding this switch from producer to singer, Obukuro revealed that it was due to Utada’s encouragement. As he is currently running promotion activities for the release of the album, this revelation on his relationship with Utada makes some people suspect it might be a publicity stunt, says a music industry personnel.

If the divorce goes through, then there wouldn’t be any issues with the two dating since Japan has heart balm laws. But the unconfirmed divorce date is part of the reason why this rumor is circulating.

The reporter mentioned above also suggested that it is hard to determine whether this is a case of extramarital affairs but that is still a possibility. Utada has been one who tries to avoid media inquiries into her personal life by making public announcements whenever there are changes to her life of public concern before media reports. However, this time round the media reported it first making this reporter suggests there are some unglamorous things she’s trying to hide.

To avoid further sensationalist news and unnecessary misunderstandings, it might be wise for Utada to come forward with the truth. But I’ve always been anti- such things. What celebrities do in their private life is of their own concern. Although it is true that, once one chooses to be a public figure, their responsibility is more than just to themselves.


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