I’m going to teach English in Japan.

Hello everyone, this is D. I’m back.

It is with great joy that I am sharing with all of you that gaba has offered me a teaching position with them. 😀 They have been pretty fast in processing the application and I received the reply 3 days after my final interview with them. This means that the whole recruitment process took 5 weeks for me.

I recall in my first post that I wanted to share about different Japanese Language schools that I have shortlisted. Guess I won’t be going into that anytime soon because with this job coming up, my plans to study Japanese full time will need to wait. Instead, I will follow up with posts on the process of moving to Japan, which I hope will be helpful for readers here.

In addition, if you have been thinking of going to Japan and you are willing to teach English to score a chance to live in Japan, now you know gaba is indeed a way. 😉

With this, I have 2 months left in Singapore before I move over to Japan. Right now, all I feel is a kind of fulfillment and excitement that nearing 30, I’m actually getting a childhood dream from when I was 17 years old fulfilled. However, I have to admit that time seems to be moving at a much faster pace right now because 2 months to uproot myself feels super short and insufficient

There’s a season for everything in life and I think right now, it is the season to be courageous and make the move so that I can discover what experiences lie ahead for me in this life.

And now, G gets a companion for real. Lol.

Till then,



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