The Dark Side of Johnny’s Network: Shibutani Forced to Leave as a Distraction to Nino’s Love Affair

Johnny’s network strikes again.

Kan Johnny 8’s Shibutani Subaru held a press conference today announcing his departure from the group and official resignation from Johnny’s entertainment network (Johnny & Associates) on December 31 this year. There’s talk that Shibutani supposedly already indicated his intention to further his music education overseas back in February, and this came as a shock as the group prepares for their 15th anniversary activities. But fans wouldn’t take it. They believe there’s more to that than meets the eye.

At first glance, this piece of news doesn’t seem very scandalous, but fans of Shibutani raised suspicion that this is but Johnny’s ploy to distract the public from Nino’s love affair with freelance newscaster Ito Ayako, which was reported by News Post Seven just 5 days earlier.

Further, it was very clear from Shibutani’s look during the press conference that something is not right. While this is mere speculation, his appearance was reminiscent of Nakai Masahiro’s during SMAP’s public execution on TV two years ago (see video below: pay special attention to his expression near the end when two other members comment on his departure).

As this is still a very new piece of revelation, information is still pretty scarce, so we’ll have to wait and see how it develops.

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