Tokio Member Yamaguchi Charged for Forced Obscene Act on Minor

Tokio bassist Yamaguchi Tatsuya is reported to have been served the letters in connection to his forceful kiss on a high school girl.

Yamaguchi was said to have been drinking at home when a high school girl joined her friend at the accused place. By then, Yamaguchi was already tipsy and invited the girl to have a drink. It is not known if the girl did drink but it is illegal for youths under 20 to consume alcohol in Japan. After a while, Yamaguchi grabbed the girl and forcefully kissed her. Shocked, the girl quickly left with her friend and filed a report at the police.

When contacted, Yamaguchi half-admitted that he might have done something to that extent but is unable to recall as he was drunk.

He isn’t officially charged yet but according to Japanese law, once the papers are served, he has to be arrested within 48 hours.

Looks like he won’t be appearing on TV for a while. I wonder what’s to happen to shows where he is the main emcee. Johnny’s network sure seems to be having a rough time recently.

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