Tackey Far From Being CEO? Or Is Johnny Playing Games with the Media?

Following Tackey & Tsubasa’s announcement of their retirement from performance, Johnny Kitagawa posted a letter on the Johnny & Associates home page expressing his joy in having Takizawa assist in his work.

In his message, Johnny expressed that regardless of their roles at the agency, all members are equal in his eyes and that it’s always been his dream to have someone continue his work in developing and helping other members grow. The first person who voiced his intention to assist Johnny in helping Johnny’s Jr. grow, was none other than Takizawa Hideaki.

Johnny said that when Takizawa shared his intentions with him, he was happy to tears and felt extremely grateful to the latter.

At the beginning of his letter, Johnny mentioned how the company was started with himself as the producer and Mary Kitagawa running the business. Fujishima Julie then later joined as part of the management team to complete the trio. With people to help produce and manage the company now, Johnny hopes that everyone will put in their best effort to produce greater entertainment that fans seek.

As a closing, Johnny commented that he will continue to work and hope to grow further with the talents at his agency.

Does this mean that he’s not stepping down yet?

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