Snipperclips Plus Review

Before we got the Nintendo Switch, Dirty Shoes and I did quite a bit of research on the games we could play just so we don’t waste money buying the console and end up not having much games we wanted to play.

One of the resources we used was YouTube with videos titled like “Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games You Must Play!” or top 25 or whatever. Among the list, one of the titles that repeatedly came up was Snipperclips Plus. While that didn’t really catch my eye for the right reasons, it did catch D’s.

Since the very enjoyable and well-done Portal 2 we played on Steam, we had been looking for another co-op game of similar or better quality. I was certain Snipperclips wasn’t it, but D wanted to play. And since the universal rule is to listen to the woman, we got the 3,000+ yen (approx. SGD$40) game and I bestowed upon myself the right to keep nagging about how the graphics looks like it should be a freemium mobile game. Because, tell me the game is not overpriced just by looking at the graphics alone.

As soon as we started playing launched the game, I began executing my right and started bitching about how this game doesn’t look like it’s worth anything more than $10. I was open to giving it a shot and hopefully the game play proves me wrong. But 2 minutes into the game, I decided this game can almost be classified under hyper casual and should make money through ads instead of software sale.

The game is not very challenging and puzzles were short. Most of the puzzles that took time to finish were tedious, rather than difficult. I chose the word “finish” instead of “solve” because there really isn’t much to solve. There are perfect ways to complete the puzzles, I’m sure, but the problem is, you can use other imperfect ways to finish the same puzzles as long as you put in the time and effort to do so. As I played on, it felt more and more like a game for children and reminded me of the first generation PlayStation Hello Kitty game my sister bought when we were younger and we completed in an hour after starting on it. It was so unmemorable, my sister doesn’t even recall the game’s existence now.

There are a few modes to the game such as the mode for 1-2 players, and the mode for 2-4 players. D and I completed the 1-2 players mode and even she gave up on continuing to play the other modes so that I would stop nagging because it was obvious the game will just get more and more tedious instead of more and more challenging.

How the game made it to the top few games recommended by so many sites, I don’t know. But if I had to give the game a rating, I would give it 2 stars out of 5. And if I take the price into consideration, I would give it 1.5. To its credit, the last few puzzles we played were indeed challenging but too little, too late, too expensive.

For the record, it would score a 4 to 4.5 if it were a freemium or at least much cheaper.

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