Octopath Traveler: Secondary Jobs – H’aanit

I had decided to write in order of the characters that I was most certain of regarding which secondary job is the most ideal and H’aanit wasn’t it but it turns out, a gamer’s nightmare came true for me and that’s why I came to write about her first.

So, D and I share the Nintendo Switch (obviously), and each of us has a save slot. Each time after I finish my game and saved it, I would make sure to return to the title so that D doesn’t have to wonder whether I’ve saved my game. D, on the other hand, usually just leaves the game as it is after saving and for a period of time, I didn’t dare to play the game when I see that just in case she hadn’t saved.

Recently, D wanted me to know she saved the game, so she left the game at the save screen. Unfortunately, when I powered on the game and saw the save screen, I very stupidly assumed it was the game loading screen. I scrolled down to my slot, selected it and like clockwork, selected “Yes.” The next moment, I saw the nightmare word appear on the screen that read “Now saving…”

When it was done, I realised I had just overwritten my game slot with hers. Which means, my 50 hours of gameplay was erased by myself. No thank you, muscle memory.

I was so distraught, I had decided to not play the game anymore. But when D learned about it, she suggested I restart the game and made a very good point that, now that I know all the characters better, I don’t have to start the game with Therion anymore. And no prize for guessing whom I chose. Yes, and that is why I’m writing about H’aanit today.

Now, after the long grandfather story, I would like to continue a bit more in that, I didn’t have a clear idea what secondary job I should assign to H’aanit because I just couldn’t find something that fits very nicely unlike for Ophilia. Then, I tentatively gave the Thief job to H’aanit, and it turned out a pretty decent decision.

A Thief has a higher speed and evasion and has skills to debuff enemies (reduce physical attack and defence). Further, since H’aanit originally wields the axe and the bow, taking Thief as a secondary job gives her access to use both the sword and dagger as well. On top of that, she has Linde which can either sweep with the sword or pounce with the polearm, essentially equipping her with almost all weapons available, except for the staff (which is redundant as it isn’t the most powerful weapon around and I already have Ophilia on the team).

The other alternative for H’aanit, which D took was to give H’aanit the Warrior job giving her control over the sword and the polearm, which is also one of the suggested ones online. While her choice gives H’aanit better HP, physical attack and defense stats, and allows her to become a tanker like Olberic, I prefer her to have more options regarding weapon choice. I do see the benefits of assigning her the Warrior job as I wouldn’t have to rely on Linde’s unpredictable behavior to either sweep or pounce, but for now, I shall have her as Thief.

The other silver lining about the mistake of erasing my game is since I already know the story till most of Chapter 2, skipping all of those stories and focusing on how I want to build my characters got me pretty close to where I was in just under 10 hours of play. Now I just need to spend the next 10 hours or so grinding them to the level they used to be at.


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