Shinkansen Delayed after Guns Found on Three Men

On October 22, a passenger on Tokaido Shinkansen’s Nozomi No. 114 traveling between Shin-Osaka and Kyoto toward Tokyo informed the train captain that someone on the train was carrying a gun. Upon receiving the information, JR Tokai called the police at around 9.20am.

When the train arrived at Nagoya station, Aichi prefectural police went onboard to perform an inspection and found that the three men carrying guns were plainclothes policemen from Osaka. According to the police performing the inspection, the three from Osaka were abiding by the rules regarding the carrying of weapons and thus, did not flout any rules.

The incident happened when a passenger passed by one of the Osaka police at the smoking area and found the man suspicious after seeing the gun on him.

The three men belong to the security division and were dressed in suit attire on the way to attend a training program organized by the police department.

JR Tokai reported that this incident caused delays of up to 36 minutes on 8 trains affecting 9,100 passengers.

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