Plans to Impose Fees for Halloween Parties after 13 Arrests in Shibuya

On the night of Halloween on October 31 on the streets of Shibuya, 13 people were arrested for such mischief including theft, assault and molestation.

With tens of thousands of people overflowing on the popular Shibuya area, several of those arrested took advantage of the confusion and molested girls on the streets and one stole a wallet containing some 170,000 yen (approx. SGD$2,000).

Based on past experiences, several hundred police were stationed at 5 locations to control the crowd. Among whom was the famous DJ Police who makes witty analogies to direct the horde of people dressed as zombies, anime characters and what not.

Among some of the incidents that occured also included one where an eatery located in a 7-floor building caught fire. The fire spread all the way from the second floor duct but no casualties were reported.

Over the weekend earlier, riot broke where a truck was overturned.

But being Japan, there are also the kind ones who go clean up people’s mess as seen in a man carrying cleaning tools who calls himself the cleaning hero. As with the past, volunteers were seen cleaning up Shibuya the following morning.

While there’s been talks for many years now that the government may ban Halloween celebrations, there hasn’t been any plans to actually execute that. However, to avoid such troubles, Shibuya is considering restricting the event to certain locations such as the Yoyogi Park and is may even charge fees for participating.

Well done, Shibuya.

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