Former Tokio Member Suffers from Bipolar Disorder

Images taken from wakuwakumedia

Following his arrest of forcing himself on a minor last year, former Tokio and Johnny’s member, Yamaguchi Tatsuya has been off the news for some time now. While he was said to be addicted to alcohol when the incident happened, it was revealed that the former star was later transferred to a mental health hospital.

According to a medical professional aware of Yamaguchi’s condition, the former-celebrity was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a condition that affects less than 1% of the population in Japan. The causes of bipolar disorder are many, some of which include DNA, fatigue, and stress.

Rumour has it that he currently stays in the Tama region, far west of Tokyo metropolis, in an apartment that costs under 80,000 yen a month. Most of his time is spent walking, cycling and exercising, a vastly different lifestyle from what he used to lead. With the amount of money he made, he could probably live under much better conditions but it’s good that he is under rehabilitation and keeping himself healthy while leading a humble life. After all, the Japanese public will be up in arms if they found him leading a luxurious lifestyle.

To be honest, I’ve never really liked him because of the way he behaves on ZIP!, an early morning TV show. And while a return to showbiz seems impossible and becoming a regular salaryman seems unlikely, I sure hope he recovers from this.

It may be a cliche path, but I guess a likely option would be to work on helping others like him, either those suffering from alcoholism or bipolar disorders.

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