Japanese Swimming Pools

I’ve been swimming quite often recently at the Yokohama International Swimming Pool. The system of the pool is so good, I wish we have it in Singapore (and everywhere else).

In Singapore, you get to swim in the entire pool, forwards, backwards, diagonal, across, in any direction. You can stop in the middle of anywhere any time you want, which makes it very difficult to do laps when there’s too many people. Sometimes, while going across the pool, someone would kick you in the face from the side.

The pool I frequent here is very different. All the pools are divided into several lanes and each lane serves a different purpose. One lane is for people who want to walk in the pool; one for people to swim single laps; one lane for people to swim round trips; two lanes for people to use floatation devices; one lane for people who want to swim fast; one lane for those who want to swim slowly, etc. So you get to pick the lane that’s appropriate for your purpose, and more often than not, people don’t disrupt another person’s swimming. I suppose that is not true of all pools but I certainly like the one I frequent.

I would take pictures and videos for you but I would also get arrested if I do that so, text-only it is =\

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