My Virgin Bento and Its Sequel

brought my own bento for lunch yesterday and today to shut all you naysayers. MY LUNCH IS GOOD!

drool~ bitch!

alright, i didn’t exactly cook the croquette and chicken katsu myself but everything else was, including the mayo on the croquette and my favourite cheese rice!

i also thought they would enjoy kaya, like what jeannie said, so i made some to share with the class during the morning break. i think they liked it…

kaya guu yuu~

they really ought not to stop selling such a fine piece of delicacy. nothing beats kaya guu yuu, other than kaya guu yuu.

and for today’s bento, i had…

cheese rice again!

they say sequels usually suck. yes, it sucked… = =
laugh all you want.

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