The Bicycle

the ¥10,000 bicycle…

it looks like a simple piece of metal but it’s got pedal-powered headlight and built-in lock.

pedal-powered headlight

built-in bicycle lock

this lock is really ultra convenient. you don’t have to bring anything around and try tying it to your wheels when you stop at a convenience store. just push the knob and it’s locked. turn the key and it opens.

i didn’t intend to snap a picture of the bicycle though. the initial idea was to show a not-so-clever door design of my room and i happened to see my bicycle by the side, so i decided to snap it too.

so here goes the room door…

from the outside (obviously)

can you see how unwise this design is? think harder…

try thinking! don’t be lazy!

alright, now you’re just scrolling down to find the answer. imagine someone ringing my door bell which is on the door. where do you think the person would stand after ringing it? obviously to the left to avoid being hit by the door when it opens outward right? and also makes it easier for the person to see you. but! you see there’s a peephole on the door? that peephole is practically useless if people stand to the left after ringing the bell. it’s not wide-angled lens!

so open the door even if you see no one standing there. but before that, don’t watch juon. it’ll freak you out…

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