The King’s Futon

at the school i’m in, they offer to help you buy a futon at ¥25,900 or you can alternatively opt to rent for a week or two while you look for one after arriving.

seeking convenience, i became a very stupid gaijin (foreigner) when i voluntarily opted the purchase of the futon. so yes, after arrival, i have my oh so comfortable futon in place and no longer need to search by myself.

seeking convenience is one thing. but if you’d rather save the money, you’d be better off renting it for a week. if possible, don’t even rent it. arrive at your school in the morning or early afternoon and head to some shopping mall like seiyu and get a full set of futon for only ¥3,000. yes, i got ripped, voluntarily.

the downside is you’ll have to carry the pretty big futon yourself so if you don’t stay near any shopping area, pay the ¥25,900. or if you’ve got a friend here who’s got a car, that’s excellent. as much as possible, get it yourself!

i don’t know why i’m paying so much in excess though. maybe mine’s made for the king…

you may take your leave now. i’m heading to my dragon bed.

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