Manga Cafe マンガ喫茶@名古屋

I have been visiting school the past two days for internet since I was heading back to Okazaki anyway to get some stuff done and with the internet connection not arriving at the new place anytime soon, I’m currently sitting in a tiny cubicle in a Manga Cafe across the street from Nagoya station wondering what the probable otaku in the cubicle to my right could be doing as he’s been hitting against the barely commendable divider between us pretty harshly.

With my plastic black-framed glasses, unstyled hair, polo-T, jeans and sandals, I could probably pass off as an otaku without even trying. 800-over yen for 3 hours of internet. Sure, it includes free drinks, videos and lots of comics but, my main purpose here was really for the internet connection. I’m an addict! Somebody save me!

For some reason, I kinda expected the toilet to be pretty dirty, and as if the toilet had read my thoughts, it decided to be in the state I assumed it would be in. Not the dirtiest toilet I’ve seen in Japan by far, but I definitely wouldn’t use the ‘clean’ adjective on it. Then again, what else can you expect from a toilet used by millions of otakus every year?

I’d snap a picture and post it here if I could but my Samsung phone’s low on batt which means I won’t be able to take pictures with it and transfer it via bluetooth to my laptop and I’ve got my camera on me but the cable’s at home. So here’s the idea, digital cameras should be built with bluetooth devices so that we no longer need cables.

Gotta go figure out what to do for the next 2 hours…

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