From across the street, amidst the bright neon lights decorating the rows of shops opposite Nagoya station, one can probably spot a Yahoo!-ish font shop that reads MANBOO! which really has the exact same A, O and exclamation mark Yahoo! does. That’s the Manga Cafe I’ve been frequenting and no prize for guessing where I’m accessing the Internet from now. Yep! MANBOO!

It’s apparently pronounced MAMBO, which was why I had thought Eric was suggesting hitting the clubs in Nagoya when he first mentioned the place. The previous post was published from the same chain, different outlet and the interesting bit I failed to bring up the last time was that, they actually have a list of adult videos (which translates to pornography) that patrons can watch as much as they want to, given the time frame they paid for of course. And if my Japanese language skills didn’t fail me, the toilet actually had a poster that says downloading and copying of adult videos from the shop is totally fine.

I’m currently at a much nicer looking outlet which dedicates an entire floor to women and I’ve yet visited the toilet or touched their computer, so I do not know if they do offer the same content. I’ve really just been using my laptop here because, as much as this is called a マンガ喫茶, I really just wanna do my work, get my resumes sent and land some work soon.

The good news is, I received a call from the company today asking me to go get my documents and bringing it to the immigration office to get my visa done. Which means, as long as the immigration approves of my visa, I can officially pronounce myself, 日本のサラリーマン!Yep, that’s Japan’s salaryman. Then, I can start listening to アラジン’s 日はまた昇るevery morning before work. ガンバレ日本!By the way, have been doing that the past 2 days and I think it’s beginning to get on Eric’s nerves…

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