The Pictures…

I kinda suspected that people would start grumbling about the lack of pictures so I headed straight to the toilet to snap a couple of them and hold your breaths!

First up, 5th floor of the main MANBOO! shop…

You can see the tiny cubicle doors with cubicle numbers on top of each… cubicle?

Inside my cubicle. This is actually the Floor Mat version of the room. You can actually request for rooms with couches instead but I kinda like this style. It’s more comfy.

The Toilet! See the posters on the back of the door? This is actually a really clean place as opposed to the first outlet I went to which spelt “SLEAZY” all over the place. Then again, you can probably call this a facade but at the very least, it’s comfortable.

And now… the posters!

Check bottom right. It says “You can take out all 1000 titles”

Another poster…

Now you believe me!

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