I’m God

I took my suit to the dry cleaner’s this afternoon and as expected, I was asked for my name so that they could write it in the receipt. Now, when you don’t have a Japanese name, you try to say something easy for people to write it. I know people have difficulty getting my name “Jin Han”, so I try to make it easy for people.

“Should I go with my surname? But, I’ve had problems with that as well… How about reading it the Japanese way as in Hayashi?” I was contemplating all while the old lady was waiting for my reply. “Alright, forget it. I’ll just go with what Satomi calls me by which everyone finds easy to remember.” So I told the lady, “Jin.”

I looked at her write the first stroke on the paper and was half-expecting her to be writing it in Katakana ジン but a Kanji emerged and I figured, “Oh, maybe she’s writing 陣.” But wait a minute, the left is a ネ. “What other “Jin” words are there in a name?” I wondered and as she completed the strokes, all I could do was try contain my laughter…

I guess that’s what they mean when they say お客様は神様です。(Customers are God)

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