Beauty and the Beast

The weather report forecasted snow yesterday and as always, they were right. They also predicted the snow to stop today but it didn’t. This morning, I woke up in the cold, turned on the digital TV and wanted to click on their menu to check the weather for today. As the image came on, the weather forecast began, so I watched that instead.

Nagoya, 9cm of snow. First thing that came to my mind, “shit”. The strip below the screen continued to crawl. Ichinomiya, 23cm. I’m deadmeat! I have to cycle to school no matter what because I’ve got a night class to teach today. Without the bicycle, I’d be late because the bus in that area only comes once every hour.

I arrived at the station in Ichinomiya and approached my bicycle, which was covered in snow. I snapped a picture with my cellphone but the bluetooth seems to be failing me now, so I can’t upload it here. Anyhow, as I cycled along the streets, the vast snowscape simply took my breath away. It was awesome. The beauty was beyond words.

However, the unfortunate thing was, cycling was near impossible. Walkways were either frozen or snow was too thick. I had to walk quite a bit before I decided to cycle on the roads. On a sidenote, I love Japanese drivers. They don’t sound the horn at you even if you make them slow to 10kmh. Getting back to the topic, walking was a torture. The air didn’t feel that cold but having to walk on ice, my shoes became portable freezers. I literally couldn’t feel my toes by the time I arrived in school. That’s the beast that comes with the beauty and it is the part I hate about winter. Yes, I could get a pair of new shoes that would keep my feet warmer and I guess I’ll get it tomorrow when I meet up with Lydia but that still wouldn’t change the fact that cycling was really a bother.

Looking at the snow-covered field from the teachers’ office in school and the heavy snowfall, the sight was brilliant, only because we’re warm and dry. I want to say I officially hate winter due to the inconvenience and discomfort but there’s still some bit of it that I love.

Perhaps the beauty and the beast is best watched on TV.

I officially hate winter.


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