New Horizon Misses 2

A little while ago, I published an entry on the grammatical misses of the New Horizon textbook that 2nd and 3rd graders are using. Last Friday, I was teaching another class and found another grammatical miss in the textbook. This time, the 2nd graders’.

On page 75 of the textbook, students are told to write a greeting card. One of the sentences in the Toolbox section reads:

Hope you are feeling better soon.

As the verb “are feeling” describes a present continuous state, “soon” makes the sentence ungrammatical. It should either be:

Hope you are feeling better.


Hope you’ll feel better soon.

in which case, “will” is a Future Tense which solves the ungrammaticality of the original sentence. Going by the translation below that reads 早くよくなるといいね, the latter is the appropriate sentence in this case.

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