I’ve had the privilege to gain some insider information on the direct hiring of ALTs by the Board of Education (BoE) – not any one city in particular. I’ve also received intelligence (sounds like FBI eh?) that some cities are cutting down on dispatch ALTs because they are moving in the direction of the direct employment of these teachers. Naming this post Esoteric is just a stroke of my own ego. Pardon the narcissism.

Like I mentioned before, it is virtually impossible to be hired directly by any of the city’s BoE unless you get good reference. On top of that, you actually need to have at least 1 year’s experience in the same capacity i.e. as an ALT. That’s right, not just as a language teacher in any other private schools. The other difficult thing is that it is still very much the same as regular companies – if the current group of teachers are recontracting, there’s no reason for them to hire new ALTs, so timing is probably of essence as well. I don’t know how helpful this information is but again, I hope it will give the lost souls a little idea of how things are moving here.

I’ve also updated the information in the “Teach in Japan” page regarding work VISA. It is still possible to get a work VISA without a Bachelor’s degree. For more information, please read here.


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