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Before anything begins, I’d better make a disclaimer that this is in no way a malicious attempt to deface anyone. I’m neither trying to challenge the below-mentioned party nor am I working for UNIQLO (this, you already know). Just wanna clear up some things which I thought might have been inaccurate.

A couple of weeks ago or so, I read on a JET participant’s blog regarding keeping warm in winter. Let’s call this JET participant J (to avoid using gender-specific pronouns and also because JET begins with J). J made the claim that UNIQLO’s Heat Tech does not keep you warm. It is just thin enough so that you can put on more layers without looking oversized. I believe the UNIQLO team would be flabbergasted if they came across the post. I don’t get paid for doing this but I must say the above claim is not true. Heat Tech does keep you warm. Whether it keeps you warm enough, is a point to be debated – also depending on the actual temperature of the day.

I am no fabric tech geek and while I understand that the ethos rhetoric of me making a counter-claim that Heat Tech does keep you warm is about as trustworthy (or un- in this case) as any other blog found online, I have to say that each time I put on the Heat Tech after shower vs any other regular Tee, I could distinctly feel the difference. 

On UNIQLO’s page, it is stated that the fibres of Heat Tech absorb moisture that the body emits and the fabric itself generates heat. At the same time, the layer of air between the fibres prevents the generated heat from escaping, thus keeping your body warm for a long period of time. You can choose not to trust what I say about my experience with Heat Tech, but if a business the magnitude of UNIQLO takes the risk and manages to fool millions of people the world over, it is treading on very thin ice. The repercussions is enough to shut its 800-over stores.

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