Wanna Bet?

It’s been almost a year since I came to Japan last April but as an ALT, it has only been 4 months and through these 4 months, I’ve done my share of activities and among them, betting games.

I first witnessed the betting game while observing another ALT’s class and following that, while researching for activities online, I also came across a few ideas on betting games by other ALTs.

Frankly, I’ve tried betting activities twice. I did not like it and I do not like it. Call me a prude but it feels to me like I’m promoting vice to an entire cohort of pubescent kids who’re at the age most vulnerable to extrinsic inputs. Worse, in a country where you see lines outside the Pachinko parlour at 7am in the morning waiting for it to open its doors. What more on a weekday.

I’ve decided, no more shall I do activities that make students ask 「賭けるの?」

Wanna bet?


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