Month: March 2011

AC Japan

「心は誰にも見えないけれど、心遣いは見える。思いは見えないけれど、思いやりは誰にでも見える。」 「こんにちは、こんにちワン。ありがとう、ありがとうさぎ。魔法のことばで楽しい仲間がポポポポ~!」 If you’re a テレビっ子 like me, you’ve probably been seeing AC Japan commercials on TV a lot recently. I mean A LOT! Over a 24-hour period,
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Anyone who’s been following the news on the nuclear reactors at Fukushima would’ve known that although not all reactors have plutonium in the fuel, Japan has unfortunately used some
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Situation in Japan

I’ve been hearing about news reports in Singapore with regard to Japan’s nuclear disaster from my dear sister and I thought it’d be good to talk a little about them. Frankly, I
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