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If you’re a テレビっ子 like me, you’ve probably been seeing AC Japan commercials on TV a lot recently. I mean A LOT! Over a 24-hour period, AC Japan commercials run over 700 times while the total of all other commercials only come up to a little over 130 times. So who is AC Japan and why are they running their commercials so much? If that question has been on your mind, you are not alone. Most Japanese have no idea who AC Japan is and what they do. Which was why there actually was a program early this morning telling us more about it.

So who is AC Japan?

AC Japan is a company that selects the best commercials created based on particular themes to run on TV. The commercials are created by other companies and sent in for selection by AC Japan. They are not created by AC Japan.

Why are their commercials running so much?

The only reason their commercials keep coming up on TV is because, since the twin disaster on March 11th, many companies have halted their publicity over broadcast media, which means that many empty slots assigned for commercials opened up. But as a broadcasting company, black screen time on TV is a big nono. Thus, to fill up those empty slots, the broadcasting firms had to run something and that something was the commercials chosen by AC Japan. And no, AC Japan didn’t pay a huge sum of money to run their commercials.

What about the encouragement messages to the victims of the earthquake by Arashi, AKB48 and other celebrities?

Those are not part of AC Japan’s chosen commercials. Because the number of commercials chosen by AC Japan is limited, each commercial was rerun many times. In order to reduce the reruns, celebrity messages were created as “emergency commercials” to fill up some of those empty slots.

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