First Elementary School Experience

It seems that 楽しんご is really popular with the elementary school students now that all the 5th and 6th year classes I went to in one particular school wanted to do a mimicry of his famed routine… this

from 01:05 to 01:14

After school, I popped by their newly established (only 2 days) girl’s basketball team and was going to shoot a few hoops myself when 3 really cute little 4th grader girls dropped in to watch the session as they have the intention to join the team. And as I started shooting, whenever the ball goes through the hoops, they would cheer loudly, and whenever I miss, they would go “so-so” and do the so-so gesture where the palm levels with the ground and swing from side to side. It was really funny and they were so adorable I wanted to give them a big hug, except that would’ve been perceived more as child molestation than anything else. I think I’m at the age where I start thinking I wanna have kids like that too. That’s the sign that tells me I am アラサー, the Japanese term for “around thirty”, although I should’ve been able to see that from turning 28 this year.


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