The Actress

Some many years ago, as my friends from Fukuoka were about to graduate from their commercial high school, I had a chat with them and asked what they wanted to do after graduation. Some said they wanted to go into international trade, some wanted to do administrative work, one said she might go on to university to study music and one in particular said she wanted to be an actress.

Now, coming from Singapore, an island state no more than 710km² with a population of 5,000,000, I’ve heard my share of stories of people who want to be in the entertainment industry but 28 years later, I do not know a single celebrity as a friend in Singapore so I think it is understandable that I didn’t take the last comment too seriously. Or should it be blamed on the cynicism of a typical Singaporean that I am, or was?

But I found out some time ago that she made it into the entertainment industry. I believe she’s what they call a タレント (talent) here – one who’s neither a full-fledged actress, nor a singer, nor a model. In other words, they do everything. What I’m more impressed with is that, she actually starred in のだめカンタービレ (Nodame Cantabile), though as a small character which we probably call an extra but then again, not so extra because she appeared in almost every episode and her name is in the credits with the few people near the beginning.

The cynicism in me has died away since.

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