The Maid Cafe Game

This is a long overdue post but it is evident that my laziness to snap, edit and upload pictures reinforces the belief that I can never be a professional blogger.

The maid cafe concept is really a brilliant business idea. It doesn’t just serve as a fantasyland for the otakus where cute little maids get dreamed to life, it also provides a reality role-playing game for these bespectacled members from a different realm. Nevermind you get chased out after an hour.

I received a card on my way out after a visit to a random maid cafe with Eri in (where else but) Akihabara. And this is what the card looks like.

Front face of the card

As you can see from the poorly taken shot of this image (yes, I couldn’t be bothered enough to snap it with my cybershot), the face reads Lv.1 My Master. This obviously suggests that you can level up as you visit them more.

Back face of the card

The back of the card reveals 3 empty squares. So the first time you patronise them, you’ll receive this card and for each subsequent visit, you get a stamp (I suppose). So on the 5th visit, you’d receive a silver card and level up. How’s that for a business idea targetting otakus? Brilliant! (I know I said that already but pardon my lack of vocabulary).

I, on the other hand, wasn’t too concerned with that since I doubt I’ll visit it again. It was an interesting experience though I had wanted to do a Manny Pacquiao at the maid who made me form a heart shape with my hands and chant もえ、もえ、キューン before I could eat my dessert.

The next visit will be to the AKB48 theatre.

Now, how many people would I punch there? Hmm…

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