Overnight KTV

I was gonna post something more useful like How to take a bus in Japan and I’m not kidding. If you think about it, taking buses in a foreign country is really not as simple as it sounds. Taking trains on the other hand is a breeze once you figure out the lines, but taking buses is not just about figuring out the routes. It’s also about figuring out whether you should board from the front or the back. Whether you pay first or pay when you’re about to alight. Whether you pay a fixed price or a varied amount. And in a machine crazy society like Japan, you see tons of slots and screens on the buses and you have no idea what goes where. That’s when the entry would come in useful. But I’m really so worn out from the overnight KTV session last weekend, I shall post the bus issue next instead.

I paid less than ¥1,500 to sing from 8pm till 6am with free flow of drinks and ice-cream in the middle of Nagoya’s town – Sakae. But we were so tired, we left at 3.30am.

Not everything is more expensive in Japan. Contact lens are cheaper too.

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