If you think the name sounds like AKB48, you’re not alone.

If you think the image looks like AKB48, you’re not alone either.

Following the life-sized Gundam model copy last year, China has caused another uproar over its new unit AK98. While AK, supposedly to mean Angel Kiss, is not related to Akiba, the naming of the band plus the schoolgirl outfit put to question the originality of the idea.

Remember how they shamelessly declared that their Gundam model was “original” and in no way a copy of Japan’s well-known anime? When contacted, the producer of AK98 claimed that this is yet another of their original idea. He insisted that they do not know anything about AKB48 because Internet in China is heavily censored but guess what? In the video of AK98’s audition found on Youtube, the background music played is none other than AKB48’s Baby baby baby. Check it out here…


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