Typing Katakana

A lot of people around me don’t know about this though I believe that many of you probably already do. Nevertheless, for the benefit of those who don’t, I’ll write this anyway. I only learnt about it after joining this new company when a senior taught me while I was typing. This is only for Windows users though.

Most people on Windows OS probably use IME to type Japanese. How do you usually type Katakana in the middle of entering Hiragana and Kanji characters? For the more common characters, typing in Hiragana and hitting space would see it auto convert to Katakana, right? But what if you are entering some Katakana that is not recognised by the system?

You do have the option of selecting Katakana in the language bar but that would be too troublesome to change it just for entering some characters and switching it back. The trick is to just enter it in Hiragana and hitting F7 after that.

Sorry I wrote so much for something I could’ve done in 2 characters—F7.


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