If you even know about this, you probably already know the result too.

AKB48 held its 4th annual “General Election” yesterday and as expected, 大島優子 (Oshima Yuko) took the top position. Having been the only one fighting for the top position with あっちゃん (Acchan), who would expect anyone else taking that position after the latter decided to withdraw. Although at the last 3 elections, the top 2 positions have swapped from the preliminary results, this year, the 2nd and 3rd position swapped seeing まゆゆ (Mayuyu) take 2nd place and ゆきりん (Yukirin) take 3rd. The biggest surprise of the year is さしこ (Sashiko), who took 4th which I might’ve been more excited for her if she hadn’t gone solo and tried singing live revealing her untrained vocals. That marked the end of my changing list of 推しメン.

A note from the winner. Don’t say you don’t understand what she’s saying. Watch till the end, I’m sure there’s something you understand. If not, just enjoy watching コリス (Korisu) talk.

On a more disturbing note, I wonder why I know them by their nicknames.

Oh crap…

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