I learnt about PLAYBUTTON recently when I was searching for 安室奈美恵’s (Amuro Namie) latest album, Uncontrolled, due to be released on the 27th this month. It got me curious because according to the website, which accepts pre-orders of her album in 3 versions (i.e. CD, CD+DVD, PLAYBUTTON), right below the PLAYBUTTON version reads that it contains the same track listings as the CD. So what on earth is a PLAYBUTTON?

How recent it is, I don’t know but after a little research, I found that it is a relatively new form of digital music device. It comes in the form of an old-school badge that plays music. To put it another way, it is like an mp3 player except that you can’t edit the contents. Imagine having an mp3 player for each album. It’s exactly like that. But the good part about this is also that you can just pin it on your bag or even on your shirt, plug in your earphone and you’re set because it is not just LIKE a badge, it IS a badge with the pins and all.

This is the face design of Amuro Namie’s Uncontrolled with the box it comes in.

And this is what the back of a PLAYBUTTON looks like. Fully equipped with stop, play, volume control, track change, equalizer and reset buttons together with the earphone-cum-usb charging jack at the bottom.

The existence of this new form of media device just made me seriously think about purchasing Amuro’s new album. Reason? Novelty perhaps. But for the record, it’s cheaper than the CD.

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