Oh Boy!

A considerably good-looking youth caught my attention as I looked up from my smartphone to rest my eyes from the amount of time I spent staring at screens of digital data on and off work. The reason he caught my attention was less about his looks but more that he had a blob of white on his cheek, which didn’t look like anything I could think of. It could’ve been milk as I noticed a line of white on his upper lip when he raised his head from having done wrestling the cords of his earphones. But what perturbed me was how it got on his cheek.

He was focusing on getting his earphones ready for his train ride listening pleasure when I noticed it and it woke my dormant desire to write. So I whipped out my phone and starting tapping on the screen. When I looked up again to alight at Shinjuku, however, I saw that he got his face cleaned up.

How could he have known about the blob?

That was about all I could observe of that guy since I had to transfer to another train. Next time, I’ll spend more time observing someone more interesting. Perhaps a gyaru on the street. There were a number of angsty ones when I was living in Nagoya. I think they’d make for good writing material.

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