I recently saw a post by my cousin on Facebook on the development plans of KidZania on Sentosa and was very surprised about it. For those unaware of what KidZania is, it is an “amusement park” where children can take on different jobs and “work” to earn their keep. It is a like a dream come true for Singapore parents (my cousin being one of them) for their children (aged 4 to 14) to learn more about work life through fun and games.

What made me surprised was when I first heard of it a couple of years ago from one of my elementary school students who went to the KidZania in Hyogo Prefecture during her holidays, I thought this would be awesome to have in Singapore. And true enough, it is coming in 2015.

I had thought it’s a Japanese idea but it appears that it’s a Mexican company. And it seems that many of our neighboring countries already have it for their people. Three cheers to Mexico.

For more information on the article, click here.

For the Japanese KidZania website, see here.

I bet more parents are rejoicing over this than their children.

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