Cancelling Your Suica Commuter Pass

I’ve been using a commuter pass for the past 1.5 years. And though I’ll be moving in a couple of weeks (on the 20th), I thought getting a commuter pass for a month would still be cheaper than paying for the fare everyday for the next 20 days. And so I did. Except that I didn’t realize my last commuter pass ends on April 7th. In which case, it would be cheaper to just pay for the remaining 13 days instead of a one-month pass. But hell I bought the new pass on April 1st, an apt day for a foolish act.

So, when I realized that I didn’t have to get the one-month pass, I decided to get it cancelled the next morning.

The staff at the counter advised that a processing fee of 210 yen would be charged and I said ok, thinking that it’s still more worth it than keeping the pass since I’ll only be using it from the 8th till the 20th. Big mistake!

When I got my card back, all information of my active pass that ends on the 7th was removed. i double-checked with the guy if I could still use it till the 7th and he said No!

Thank you for the heads up!

So if you were ever in a case like mine, wait till the last day of your pass (April 7 in my case) before you get it cancelled.


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