Japanese Toilets

You can probably find all the high-technology toilet articles all over the Internet, so I’m going to spare you that. Instead, this will be about the lowest tech of all low-tech toilets.

Imagine you need to poo. You walk into the toilet, proceed to a cubicle and find yourself with the above traditional squat-style toilet. You unbuckle your belt, unzip your pants, pull it down with your underwear (if you wear one), and proceed to position yourself over the hole in the ground. I mean literally picture yourself doing it before you read further.






Hands up all you who pictured yourself facing the right.

WRONG! You’re supposed to face the left!

If you noticed on the left, there is a raised part of this squat toilet which is used to prevent you from spraying all over the floor with your pee.

Still not convinced you should face the left? Now picture yourself all done with your pooping, and you proceed to clean yourself up (please tell me you do). Now try reaching for the toilet paper in your squat position.

Trust me, it’s almost impossible to reach the toilet paper if you face the right. I’ve been unexpectedly made to do yoga after pooping before. What can I say? Shit happens.

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