Watch Out If You’re An Asshole

The news reported this morning that some companies are resorting to headhunting to get rid of employees they don’t like.

Many of you would be familiar with the term “headhunting.” It is typically used by companies to hire people they want from other firms. How it works is, say Company A needs a Senior VP for example. It approaches a headhunting firm and the headhunter (H) searches for someone suitable from other companies. If H finds this person (X), H will try to convince X to join Company A by offering better remuneration etc. That’s the standard headhunting process.

Some companies are using this to carry out “firings” by hiring a bogus headhunter to offer better remunerations to the employee they want to get rid of. When the deal is closed, the disliked employee would naturally resign from their current company, a decision to which the company would gladly accept, and then find out that the new company that was supposed to hire them does not exist.

So don’t be an asshole. Of course, that shouldn’t be the main reason why you shouldn’t be one.


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