10 Common Misconceptions about Japan

1) There are 2 airports in Tokyo: Narita and Haneda.
Fact: There is only 1 airport in Tokyo and that is Haneda. Narita is in Chiba.

2) Disneyland is in Tokyo.
Fact: As much as the official name is Tokyo Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth is in Chiba.

3) Nagoya is a prefecture.
Fact: Nagoya is a city in Aichi prefecture.

4) It doesn’t snow in Tokyo.
Fact: It does, a couple of times a year.

5) Mount Fuji is in Tokyo.
Fact: Mount Fuji sits on the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefecture.

6) There are staff hired at rush hours to push passengers onto packed trains.
Fact: Passengers push themselves in now.

7) Living in Japan is expensive.
Fact: Property prices in Tokyo are about the same as in Singapore but there are decent bungalows outside the big cities under $200,000. Cars are 2-3 times cheaper. Eating out can be as cheap as 280 yen per beef bowl.

8) Trains are never late.
Fact: Trains are late on a daily basis due to accidents, suicides, fainting passengers, bad weather, train fault, etc. though they are mostly on time.

9) Japanese are mostly Buddhists.
Fact: According to a 2011 research done by UK’s second largest market research organization Ipsos Mori, almost 70% of Japanese people are non-religious.

10) Japan has earthquakes every now and then.
Fact: Japan has multiple earthquakes almost everyday. Many of these quakes have insignificant seismic intensity of under 1 and are thus unreported.

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