Saitama Breasts

According to research done by 月曜から夜ふかし (Getsuyokara Yofukashi), Saitama women have the smallest average breast size in the whole of Japan. And that is A-cup.

True to a Japanese TV program, further research was done on the topic.

Apparently, scientific research has shown that growth hormones are released between 10pm and 2am. To have bigger breasts, women have to be asleep during this “golden time.” So how it relates to Saitama women having an average A-cup breast size is that, it has also been discovered that Saitama high-school girls have the least amount of sleep in the whole of Japan, ranking in at number 47 among 47 prefectures. Why?

Saitama ranks number 1 in amount of money spent on cram schools, number 2 in amount of time taken to commute to and from school, and number 4 in amount of time spent studying at home. This means, they arrive at home later than their peers, and after studying at home, they do not get ample sleep during the golden time. On top of that, having to wake up early to get to school means they have even less sleep time.

Anyhow, it’s past 11pm here now. I better get some sleep.

Nothing to do with getting a bigger breast size though.

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