The Man Who Will Not Cum vs The Man Who Will Make Any Man Cum


My apologies this has to be the kind of content you read before the new year. But hey! Better to have it end the year than to start it, right?

I was searching information on the work I was doing (not porn-related) and somehow came across this parody off the original and decent ほこ×たて (Hoko x Tate) where two people who claim the exact opposite things are put to the challenge to see who is right. The idea comes from the old ancient man who used to sell spears and shields where at one location, he claims that his spears can penetrate any shield, and at a different location, he claims that his shields can block any spear. So a young man who saw him at both locations asked, “what if I use your spear to attack your shield?” And the old man was left dumbfounded.

This parody called ぽこ×たて (Poko x Tate) is basically all sex-related content, which is why it is not shown on free-to-air TV, but on the BS (Broadcasting Satellite) channel. Now that you are amply warned, I shall not be responsible for your discomfort if you click on the play button.

Just for good measure, I will provide a summary of the content.

Porn star Sawai Ryo who filmed over 5000 pornographic videos, and slept with over 6000 women (including those in his private life) claims that no one can make him cum because he is a professional who can control whether or not to cum.  When told that the program staff will find someone to perform fellatio on him as a challenge to make him cum, he confidently said, “If it’s fellatio, then I will definitely not cum.”

The staff then hired the top sex worker at a brothel to perform oral sex on him for 90 minutes as a test to see if what he says is true. It appears that he did withstand the 90 minutes of sucking and goes on to claim that he can withstand it for over 10 hours. So what they did was to head to gay town in Shinjuku 2-chome to seek the best fellatio-ist (if there’s such a word). They were led to this gay bar owner called Takuya who claims he can make any man cum.

When the porn star finds out that it is a man they are going to use to perform oral sex on him, he confidently says that, “I wouldn’t even get an erection.”

At the challenge, Takuya is given 40 minutes to do his stuff on this guy. If the porn star cums, then Takuya wins. If not, Ryo wins. I shall not spoil the rest for those of you who decide to watch.


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