Top 5 Secrets Japanese Men Don’t Want Women to Know

Goo, which is like the Japanese version of Google and Yahoo!, conducted a survey with over 1000 Japanese men on secrets they would never want their female counterparts to find out. For such an interesting topic, the list is surprisingly boring.

#5: Inexperience with women
There is an increase in the number of Japanese men in their 30s and 40s who are still virgins and apparently, they think it’s something to be embarrassed about. But it is also something that will never be found out as long as they do not say it.

#4: Fanatic of a particular hobby
This doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, except when some of these men’s interests are particular genres of pornography that they search a lot on. The problem comes with digital advertisements that show you ads based on your browsing habits and throw up links to pornography sites while your girl is browsing the net on your computer.

#3: Dislike for dealing with troublesome stuff
Even for men who are good at their jobs, those who dislike the troublesome procedures they have to go through at the banks, or the many things to do to arrange for a good party, are worried that women may think that they will not put in effort once they are an item, or that they will not help out with house work once they get married.

#2: Almost without savings
When it comes to marriage, the women here are more likely than not to take a good look at a man’s finances. Thus, these men are unwilling to reveal that they’ve got almost zero savings. For me, I wouldn’t mind, because I wouldn’t want to be chosen because of the amount of money I’ve got.

#1: Anime otaku
The term “otaku” has come a long way and is pretty much ameliorated from its original negative image. However, being an otaku of moe style anime appears to turn women off. I think it’s a little like being a fan of AKB48, which I’ve still got no idea why.


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