NLB – No Lesbianism and Bromance

Without Facebook, I probably wouldn’t have found out what’s going on back home, but thanks to friends who are very vocal about the current affairs in Singapore, I learnt that the National Library Board (NLB) has decided to withdraw a couple of children’s books from the library because they are not “pro family” and NLB is careful about selecting books for children.

While this is something I am slightly concerned about, I probably wouldn’t write about it if it doesn’t indirectly affect me. Under the social enterprise I used to run back in Singapore, I published a book on creative writing for children which was then distributed to a few national libraries across the island state. This isn’t so much of a problem except that one of the sample essays in it was about a cross-dresser. Although it doesn’t promote any “family values,” I suspect it may violate what is deemed “social norm.”

Now that the NLB (National Library Board) has adopted an NLB (No Lesbianism and Bromance) policy, I wonder if it is only a matter of time before they catch up on my book and decide to burn them as well. Or perhaps the one thing that actually raises their notice about the book is this post.

Whatever, I don’t care. Remove my book if you want.


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