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There appears to be cafes for fans of BL (Boys Love) comics in many places in Japan. And of course, Akihabara is one of them.

At these cafes, the largely female clientele can make orders for the male staff members dressed in Japanese high school uniforms to hug each other, feed and caress each other, and even kiss each other. On the lips no less. I’m not sure if these boys working there are gays but a TV shoot suggested they are probably not because they only come close enough to a kiss and then cover it up with a play of angles.

When I first learnt of such a genre, I was taken aback as to why anyone would be interested in it at all. To be frank, I was put off by a friend who was very in to BL comics and games when I first found out about it some many years ago. To be clear, I have absolutely no problems with gay people, and do not oppose gay sex. If I had to choose a side between the Pink Dot event and the opposing white shirts, I would choose pink anytime. But I never want to see two men make out. That does not mean I do not approve of them making out. It’s the same idea that I never want to see my parents make out, but that doesn’t mean I do not approve of them making out where I cannot see.

However, through the years, I’ve grown out of judging people with my own values, which is typically how we judge people. The basis is always our own values. We never think about the possibility of a different set of values, and the likelihood of our values changing to be in line with something that opposes what we value now.

If you think about it, women enjoying watching two men make out is probably the same as men enjoying watching girls make out. If there were a cafe where we can watch women make out, I might possibly go pay a visit or two. And the only reason I won’t be a frequent customer is that it’s probably very expensive and I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

A recent dinner with my client Y and his wife K gave me a very interesting insight into the vastly different set of values people can have. K is a relatively attractive lady herself, but what she told me gave me a huge surprise. She asked if I had ever visited a brothel in Japan, and when I said no, she was shocked. She said, “That’s such a waste! You’re single right? You should definitely give it a try before you get married.”

I was shocked but jokingly asked if it was alright to get Y to bring me to one of these places expecting K to say no. But K actually said, “If you’re paying for him, sure!”

I said, “But he’ll be touching other women, is that ok for you?”

K: It’s just touching, why not?
Me: But what about kissing?
K: Ah… Kissing is a bit difficult to say. If he kisses other women, then I would want him to not touch me for a while in case he gets some kind of weird disease.

The point is, K doesn’t seem to mind her husband visiting adult entertainment shops as long as she doesn’t get STIs from him.

Y then revealed a story that he had shared with K before on how he (before he was married) and 2 of his friends once picked up a hot looking Brazilian woman on the streets and took her back to their hotel. At the hotel, they turned off all the lights and took a bath with the woman (all four of them!). After that, they played 王様ゲーム, which is basically a dirty game played between adults (and sometimes college students). Later, they played strip rock, paper, scissors, at which the Brazilian woman won and all three men were fully naked. And when the woman finally took her clothes off, they saw that she had a penis. They were so shocked, they paid her and left the hotel for him her herm.

I wonder if the BL fans would enjoy as much to see a man and a transgender in action. Afterall, it’s still two men.

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